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Workstation AMD Ryzen 7 Odyssey

Configurateur PC

Your very own Odyssey!

As design technology advances, visual effects become larger, more complex, and more frequently used. The NVIDIA GeForce graphics card gives you unprecedented performance for your creative freedom in photo-realistic 3D animation, AI-powered workflows, and high-quality video. Experience smooth images with photo-realistic ray tracing, faster AI-powered application performance, and even the ability to create richly detailed VR content. Also, the water-cooled processor with superior multi-core performance gives you rich performance for all applications! Streaming, image and video editing, audio editing or even 3D editing programs can be executed without long waiting times and you will achieve perfect results very quickly! With this workstation you are well prepared for your digital odyssey!


For a discreet -yet-powerful setup, you don't need colorful festival lighting, you need a high-quality case with an elegant design! Here we have opted for a variant with side window in brushed aluminum look. A very good airflow is ensured thanks to the side inlets on the front panel and the top, bottom and rear outlets, allowing you to have constantly cool temperatures inside your PC, which are hugely important for increasing the lifespan and performance of your components!

Customization made easy!

If you like the setup overall, but still prefer a different case or want to add an additional component, you can customize everything to your liking thanks to our PC configurator! This way, you can customize your Odyssey and never compromise! And if you still have questions about your new workstation from Megaport, you can always contact our competent support team, which will help you with words and deeds!

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