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PC Streaming AMD Ryzen 5 Mastermind

Windows 11

Configurateur PC

Streaming PC: Mastermind

Thanks to high-quality components with impressive performance, you are finally able to play all the latest games super smoothly and stream at the same time! Equipped with a powerful multicore CPU from AMD and the great graphics card from NVIDIA, you are perfectly equipped for any adventure in the gaming world! Gaming in 1440p and VR are easily possible with this system. At the same time, you can record your adventures for posterity and then edit and render them with your video editing programs. The Mastermind also holds plenty of resources for your digital future, to serve you faithfully for many years to come!

Get started with Windows!

With this system, you'll also receive an original Windows license, which we'll install on your fast M.2 SSD. After the activation and update, we check your PC for its functionality. So you can be sure that everything works perfectly when your digital companion arrives safely packed at your home. Then it's just a matter of unpacking, connecting and you're ready to go... Have Fun!

The PC Configurator

Through our PC Configurator we offer you the possibility to choose the components yourself, so that you can perfectly adapt your Kompagnon to your special requirements! The live compatibility check running in the background offers you only components that work together. So you don't have to be a technology nerd to customize your PC! In the details of each component you can also see all the important technical data. If you still have questions, we are happy to help you with our expert support team from our own house. By the way: Even after your purchase from Megaport, you will always find a competent contact person with us!

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