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PC tout en un Intel i9 Colossus

Configurateur PC

The Colossus: An Ultimate Gaming PC

Breathtaking gaming through powerful hardware - With this motto we have developed the Colossus! At the heart of this high-end gaming system is one of the best graphics cards from NVIDIA. With the powerful multi-core processor from Intel, you are also choosing a top product whose performance is second to none. You can play all the latest games in 4k or VR super smoothly and still have enough reserves to be able to play the next few years at the highest settings! What more could you want?

Massive fast memory!

Of course you want your system, programs and games to run blazing fast! That's why we chose a super-fast M.2 SSD (Solid State Drive) and plenty of speedy DDR5 RAM. These provide you with response and access times that you'll never want to miss. Also you have enough space that gives you much capacity for all your games, pictures, videos, and of course, music files.

All in one!

To make sure your complete package is rounded out appropriately, we've preconfigured a 27-inch LED monitor, a wireless RGB gaming mouse, keyboard and headset for you. With this wisely chosen setup you get the best components on the market in a complete package! However, if you prefer other components, you can easily exchange them. Our PC configurator with live compatibility check provides you with the right hardware. If you have ordered a Windows license from us, we will install it on the fastest drive so that you can start right after unpacking. Furthermore, you will always find a competent contact person from our own company. Even after your purchase at Megaport, we are there for you!

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