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PC gamer Intel i9 12900KF Raptor

Configurateur PC

The Raptor: A dangerous opponent!

With the Raptor you unleash true elemental forces! You simply can't get much more power than that! One of the best CPUs from Intel paired with one of the best graphics cards from NVIDIA form an ultra-powerful basis to enjoy the best gameplay smoothly in 4K. Add to that masses of fast RGB memory and a huge M.2 SSD of the highest quality. Here you can really play all games with the highest settings. Of course, the Raptor is also great for 3D rendering, simultaneous streaming, image- and audioediting and anything else you can think of - There are no limits! Also for the coming years you are more than perfectly equipped with this brute high-end system!

Beautiful, whisper quiet and really cool!

With the selected case you not only upgrade your gaming room impressively, but also offer your premium components an appropriate home! The huge glass surfaces also offer you the optimal view inside this technological wonder. Of course, the great design tower also guarantees the best airflow, which is not least due to the fantastic illuminated RGB fans. As an additional highlight, your CPU is kept at the lowest temperatures by a high-quality RGB water cooling with extremely good cooling performance and also works as quiet as a whisper.

Expert service

To make sure you get exactly what you expect from a high-end beast like this, you also have the option to use our PC configurator with live compatibility check. With this you can easily select the desired components. Our system always checks the current configuration of your PC and only suggests suitable components for you to choose from. And if you have any further questions about your computer, you can always turn with confidence to our competent inhouse customer support team, which will be happy to help you with your concerns.

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