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PC Gamer Intel i9 11900F GeForce RTX3070

- Système d'exploitation: Windows 11 Home

- Processeur: Intel Core i9-11900F coeurs et 2.5GHz (5.2GHz en Turbo)

- Carte mère: MSI Z590 Plus

- Mémoire: 32Go DDR4 RAM 3200 MHz

- Carte graphique: Nvidia GeForce RTX3070 8 Go GDDR6 avec HDMI, DP

- SSD: 2 To Samsung NVMe M.2 SSD

- WiFi: WiFi Adaptateur PCI Express

- Boitier: Tour gaming AZZA Inferno 310

- Son: Carte son intégrée, Audio HD

- Alimentation: 750 Watt Enermax MarbleBron


Gaming PC Intel i9 11900F GeForce RTX3070

In every application area, this gaming PC scores with outstanding performance and achieves top values that are worth seeing, especially in games. Raise your gaming experience to a new, unimagined high level! With this computing beast, you can play all the latest games with smooth, fluid display at 1440p (Full HD) without any worries. Thanks to the use of the terrific M.2 SSD technology, you'll experience an immense reduction in loading and access times. The system boots in no time and your applications run much smoother. Thanks to the strong multi-core processor from Intel and the powerful graphics card from NVIDIA, you are also perfectly prepared to plunge into countless virtual adventures with your friends! With the powerful components built into this gaming PC, you are prepared for your gaming future and hours of major league gaming fun is guaranteed!

RGB Water Cooling!

The processor is installed by us in such a system of course with a 240 RGB water cooling. Thus, you do not have to worry about too much heat in the system and still have additional visual highlights through your beautiful design tower with tempered glass side window. The popular RGB case also offers you an excellent airflow to keep all components cool. So you can get the full performance out of your digital companion even in the summer under the warmest outdoor temperatures and do not have to make any compromises!

Windows is already installed!

With this system, you'll also receive an original Windows license, which we'll install on your fast M.2 SSD. After the activation and update we check your PC for its functionality. So you can be sure that everything works perfectly when your digital companion arrives safely packed at your home. Then it's just a matter of unpacking, connecting and you're ready to go... Have Fun!


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