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PC gamer Intel I7 Lynx

Configurateur PC

Our i7 Gaming Lynx: The big seller at Megaport

The Lynx will not only captivate the passionate gamer but should also be extremely interesting for all those who like to deal with audio editing, video and image processing or other application areas of the creative kind. Not without reason, our Lynx is one of the favorites of the entire Megaport webshop. It underlines the outstanding hardware with its impressive looks and is also a true price-performance hammer. All current games pose no challenge to the Lynx and you will also have your true joy with your Dream Machine in the years to come! Due to the large graphics memory and the strong multi-core computing power in combination with a lightning-fast M.2 SSD, you are super positioned in really every application area and achieve terrific performance values! What more could you want?

Windows comes pre-installed

When you order Windows from us, we will of course install, activate and update the original operating system on your new PC. Then we test the entire system for functionality and then pack it securely for shipping. As soon as your new helper arrives, all you have to do is unpack it, plug it in, and you're ready to go!

What does not fit will be made to fit!

If you want more RAM or an additional HDD, you can simply select your desired component in the configurator above. Don't worry: You will only be offered components that are compatible with your current system! And if you still have questions, please contact our competent support team! Megaport will be there for you with help and advice even after the purchase!

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