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PC Multimedia AMD Ryzen 5 Bullet

Configurateur PC

The Multimedia PC: Bullet

This multimedia PC is made to explore the fascinating world of virtual entertainment. As an all-around PC, the Bullet is great and you can discover all sorts of exciting games for yourself in addition to everyday tasks. The AMD multi-core processor has a decent amount of power and can handle multiple applications in parallel without any problems. With the NVIDIA graphics card, you get a GPU that offers an excellent price-performance ratio and conjures up the most beautiful pictures smoothly on your screen during wild adventures. Video, image and audio editing are no challenge for this system. Enough space for all data is also available thanks to the fast SSD and a huge HDD! So with the Bullet, you have a strong, digital companion for all the applications you encounter in everyday life and beyond!

Everything is prepared!

With this system you also get an original Windows license, which we install on your fast SSD. After the activation and update we will check your PC with demanding stress tests for its functionality. So you can be sure that everything works perfectly when your digital companion arrives safely packed at your home. Then it's just a matter of unpacking, connecting and you're ready to go... Have Fun!

Your wish PC!

If you are missing something in this setup, you can simply fall back on our PC configurator. With it, you can easily create your very own system according to your individual wishes. The live compatibility check of the configurator ensures the selection of components that match the preselected components and are of course currently available from us. If you have any further questions about your new gaming PC, you can always contact our competent in-house support team, which will help you with words and deeds.

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